Foods that can help you study

Studying can be an energy draining activity especially when exams are coming up. Today, I’m going to tell you a few food items that might help keep energy up when studying is a must.



For all the university students, grabbing a cup of coffee from the local PJ’s or Starbucks can be the difference between a good study session and a sleep fest. Coffee has caffeine in it that can boost energy temporarily, but drinking it too fast can cause a sugar crash.



This sweet but healthy snack is a great food for studying. For cold fruits like berries, the cool taste is enough to wake a sleeping mind at any time of the day, and fruits are natural energy boosters, making them the perfect study snack.


Hummus and Pretzels

This one is a little less common, but hummus and pretzels are a good combination for a salty yet healthy treat during studying. Not only that, but hummus and pretzels are relatively cheap, so students wanting this snack don’t have to stretch their pocketbooks for this healthy food.


Apples and caramel

I know this one kind of goes with fruit, but this is another cheap yet healthy and sweet snack for the studying student. Most local grocery stores have snack packs with apples and caramel, and the combination of the two is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth.


Dark chocolate

Another form of natural sugar and caffeine is dark chocolate. It may not be as tasty as milk chocolate, but having a small amount of dark chocolate is a healthier way to get a small amount of caffeine to finish a study session. And plus, who doesn’t love chocolate?


Veggies and Ranch

Personal favorite here! While I’m studying, having some raw baby carrots with ranch is the ultimate studying snack. With a little crunch and all the right flavors, eating healthy can be joyous especially for students who want to refrain from extra pounds.


Food for studying, otherwise known as “food for thought” can be a hassle when students are on a time crunch and don’t know what they want. These options are inexpensive, healthy (for the most part) and good for satisfying those study time cravings.