Using index cards

I’m sure every one of us has attempted to use index cards at some point in our scholastic lives. Sadly, we have probably been using them wrong the whole time. Index cards are great for jotted notes or for studying definitions, but it seems like students today are exceptionally good at writing essays on a small stack of note cards.


Index cards can be a student’s go-to study tool if used correctly. This means being used to learn or practice definitions where one word goes on side 1 of the index card and the definition or synonym goes on side 2.


On the other hand, students in some classes love to try to fit as much tiny writing on a 3×5 index card as possible that they end up not able to read what was written. Don’t be this student.


If you need to write out an essay on index cards, you need to prepare a little more for whatever you are rehearsing. Index cards should be used for main points to remind the student of the cohesion and flow of a presentation, essay or anything else.


Colored index cards are another topic. I personally cannot use colored index cards because I get distracted by the pretty colors and procrastinate even more than I normally would. Some people can use them, but these people normally organize the colors by topics, and they make sure that the cards are used correctly and accordingly (because they’re expensive).


As a personal preference, I enjoy using the index cards that are lined on one side and blank on the other. These make perfect study buddies by allowing big writing on the blank side for vocabulary or important terms while the lined side is great for more detail.


Index cards are great for studying, but knowing how to effectively use them will make a large difference in the effectiveness of studying and understanding material.