Where should you study?

Finding the best study place can be a bit of a challenge, especially when life is full of interesting and tempting distractions, but those only help the procrastinators of the world. Today, I’ll tell you some of the best places to study to ensure that you can get the most out of your study time.


Gathering at the local CC’s, Pj’s or Starbucks is almost a given when talking about study places, but these places are the most popular places for people to go to get some review time.

These atmospheres are good for concentrating on study materials and even getting friends together to review for a test, and everyone wins because most people can find an enjoyable drink at these studying destinations.

As a personal preference, I love coffee shops for studying. The sitting area is away from most of the machines so there’s only natural noise mixed with soft music playing on the radio, and the scent of coffee really helps to keep me awake in the atmosphere.

Having the slight noise is soothing to my brain because I am a busy body so I can’t sit in complete silence, and the overall environment is comforting and mindfully relieving when trying to concentrate.

Studying in an atmosphere that has a “home-y” feel with dim lights, low but hearable music, a soothing smell and a cup of coffee is one way to stimulate the brain into remembering material better.

Some studies say that chewing gum or eating the same thing during studying and exam time will help memory, but the brain is also able to remember atmospheres and smells, so don’t forget to drink your favorite drink from your favorite study shop before taking those quizzes or tests.


A much more classical approach to studying would be in the library. The quiet atmosphere is ideal for concentrating on tough material and giving a non-interference zone for the person who is studying.

Libraries are great places to study especially when looking for research. There’s no better place to need resources than in the library. Books, magazines, newspapers and online resources are infinite when studying in the library, and not to mention the atmosphere is great for those who like to study independently.

Study groups in the library are less common than other places like coffee shops, but friends can still gather and work together in a library setting. The only difference is that the room is much quieter. Some people study better in quiet environments, so the library is one of the best places to study in peace and quiet.

Library atmospheres are the standard for studying. A quiet place with no external distractions and sometimes an individual study room or cubicle for those who need them. Having no distractions during studying allows for optimal concentration which can help people remember the material they review in the library as opposed to other places.


As Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz says, “There’s no place like home.” Sometimes people study better in a familiar environment, and that’s why desks are a great place to study.

I have a desk in my room, and when I’m not able to go to a coffee shop to do my work I really enjoy studying at my desk. It’s in my bedroom so the atmosphere is quiet and familiar which is great for my study habits and keeping me calm when I’m most stressed.

Using a desk can also be beneficial for the organization purposes. Having the ability to put things where they belong and utilize your study space is the most comforting way to study. There’s no worrying about forgetting things at home or thinking about surroundings.

Other than the accessibility to any and every material that someone could possibly need for a successful study session, desks are great for studying alone and solely concentrating on the study material.

Comfort is key to studying, and having a desk at home is an easy way to be sure that studying is as comfortable as possible. There are some other places to study that can be also very comforting like parks.


Outside studying can be a relaxing experience, and it’s even better when the weather agrees. Being from south Louisiana, the weather has its own mind, so studying in the park isn’t a guarantee for us, but the thought is nice.

Sitting in the park at a picnic table or on the grass with books open sounds extremely relaxing. Besides, who couldn’t use a little Vitamin D from the sun every now and again? Tanning while learning is a dream come true!

A park is a quiet place to study, so concentrating isn’t a huge issue. Parks are wide open areas for the most part, and some even have trees to sit under or tables to work at for studying and relaxing.

Studying in the park is not only good for the concentrating and relaxation effects, but it is a great opportunity to gather friends to study. Movies epitomize studying outside with friends, and the truth behind the camera is that getting a tan with friends while learning is a winning situation for all.